Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 49 - Medellin (Until we meet again)

It would not be me if there was not an adventure waiting to happen. Everyone kept telling me there was a shuttle that left from the middle of Medellin to the airport. It was better to move in groups at the wee hours and more importantly much more cost-effective. I had one of the ladies write the information down at one of the hostels.

Guys this is it.. this is it. I put everything I had learned plus this piece of paper in hopes of getting to the location to catch my flight.I get to the area and I am like this CANNOT be it, lol.

This man walks up to me and offers to take my bag.. being super paranoid, i was like no thank you and look around. I find this sign and this really is the place.
I guess the man that offered to take my bag worked here, but he did not say as such. I felt awful for making him feel some kind of way, but it's too early to take chances on things I am not familiar with! So I load up and hop on. This really is it.. until we meet again.. South America.. you've been a wonderful life-changing experience.

Sooo what are my lasting impressions:
1. Stay off the beaten path.. The pueblos are sooo beautiful. You can find a big city in any country.
2. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.. never in a million years would I have thought trekking was my thing.
3. Take a moment to just take it all in. I think this is the first trip I actually took a few days to relax.. I milked a cow and volunteered for a week!
4. Adventures and encounters are what you make of it. I loved every experience I had, especially the termales!
5. Be flexible... this allowed me to change my direction at the drop of a hat and even keep in good company!

This is my last entry from this trip! I hope to continue to post my other trips on this same blog. Will I start blogging for GP.. iono. I gotta think about it. xoxoxo to everyone that has been soo supportive of me and following my adventures.

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