Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 48 - Medellin (A Whole Lotta Moments)

Let me preface this by saying that this next to last entry of my Colombia experience comes 4 months-ish late, but I must complete this! The odd thing is that the last day in Colombia offered as much as experience as the whole trip (well maybe not the entire trip, but a good portion).

So as you knew, I moved over to a hostel in the less toursity part of town, but since it was my last day, a nice meal was in order and of courseeeee it would be on the other side of town. So the thing that made the most sense was to move back over to that side of town, but NOT before I decided to get that pedicure that I've been talking about for days. 

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of this..but let's say that it's nothing like the states! I walk in and it seemed as if no one wanted to work (or maybe with me). The person that finally helped was fabulous. With the Spanish I had accumulated to-date, we had small (very small talk). She did my nails and they were great, but let's fast forward to the pedicure. They do not have chairs, instead they line buckets with plastic.. and I made it all the way to the end before the big moment happened.. I flooded the entire salon (or at least the back of it) when I accidentally kicked off the bucket! Can you say traumatizing? Who uses buckets anyway, lol.

So 5 hours later, after a very 'warm' bus ride across time, a serious journey uphill carrying my bags (that in retrospect might have been able to be lightened), and messing up my freshly pedicured toes, I make it to Diego's in time for him to let me in before he has to go to his daily Spanish classes (did I mention he's getting really good?!). I take a breather and enjoy the overlook from his balcony! I can't believe it's my last day.

We've chosen dinner at el Cielo's. A restaurant known for its creativity and offering it's diners an experience. A lot of people come to el Cielo's for their moments which is equivalent to a small bite. When we arrived, we were nervous because it was EMPTY! For this place to have gotten such great reviews, we were like is something wrong. We later learn that this is more of a later night spot. Oh well, let's proceed.

The restaurant had fabulous decor and overall look and feel.

To prepare you for the moment.. they brought us this small white thing that when they added water it expanded into something for us to wipe our hands with. I must try this at home!


Then they served us this sweet sparking wine of sorts.

 So I am doing the disservice of not knowing what everything IS and allowing my camera to die to not capture the rest of the evening. I digress! So for anyone planning to go.. bring a bad of paper to remember what everything is and a fully charged camera!


My main entree was soo delicious! Not sure what these jello-cube things were, but they were awesome!

Diego and I hanging out in between meals

So after dinner, we opted to go to this place called Dulce Jesus Mio. Boyyyyyyyyy I am sooo mad I did not have my camera. This was the most gaudy place eva. They had lights and costumes.. I mean costumes from security to waitresses to the 'host'. Since my camera died, I borrowed a few pictures. And yes, it is really like this. But it was pure entertainment and a lovely way to close out the evening. I got a dance with Batman I believe!

Entrance to Dulce Jesus Mio

Dulce Jesus Mio Nightclub in Medellin

Putting it alllllllll together..

After such a vid... I don't know what else is there to say!

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