Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 1.5 - Amsterdam (I may be sleep on my feet!)

I gather up my belongings and hop on the tram into the city. I feel so adult! Oh wait.. I am, lol. I get to the Flying Pig Hostel around 7ish. I am close to deliriousness and refuse to go to sleep. I freshen up, lock up my goods, and opt for the hostel breakfast.

Boy.. it's carb heavy, but hey.. it's breakfast! I had some chocolate cocoa crisps, toast, and some apple slices. A breakfast for Queens!

I head back upstairs and opt for the free walking tour that I've heard rave things about. Of course, what would I see on the way.. There were 4 of these on this short strip!

Here is our guide who walks us down and around for the next 3 hours.

Here is the Royal Palace

The National Monumnet of Netherlands (yes, that's the name)

Everywhere is a Chinatown. I was fascinated that this was snuggled in the middle of the Red Light District (or very close to it).

The beautiful views and me in the alley!

Interesting Fact: The buildings in Amsterdam or slanted to the left or right or slightly forward. Many of the homes used to be warehouses. Workers used to hoist goods up via a rope and hook and sometimes the bags would sway. If they swayed and the building was flushed then the bags would break the windows or damage the buildings.

This door led to the secret garden. This building houses women that are not nuns but a variation. They live here alone and serve, but can leave a start a family and get married. Either way, you would never expect it, especially when it looks like this on the outside.

This is a small size I am amsterdam outside of the local museum.

This is by far one of the most awesome things I have seen ever! The neighbors had a problem with people being near their homes so they started installing this 'traps'. When someone went to whip it out and potty.. the potty would ultimately splash back on them wetting their clothes up! Ouch.

Who says you can't be green? Outside chiller!

Reypanear had delicious cheese! I hate we couldn't make it back for a official wine and cheese tasting!

One of the most narrow houses in the world.

Ciara is all over the place! She is doing a concert on the day before NYE. I mean she was everywhere! Beautiful display nonetheless.

We saw the Anne Frank house.. really really well done!

One of my friends recommended we check out the Pancake House. It was pretty tasty! Here is the savory and sweet versions.

We head back out to get ready and get dressed to head out. We are planning to hang out in Rembrandt Square and happen across a Christmas market and have these famous fries (I sure can't remember the name) that were tasty!

Somewhere in between we have this Dutch shot.. Licorice, special wine, and something else. It made my chest hurt.

As we continue to explore, we go to the Ice Bar. WE don't stay long because it is such the tourist place, but we couldn't miss the polar bear experience, lol.

WE finally make it to Club Home. WE were sooooooooooo early, but decided to post up at the bar with Fissel (the bartender).

This club played AMAZING music.. I mean some old school tracks, but we quickly realized a couple of things:
1. People don't come out until like midnight+
2. People are unusually young here. We later learned you only have to be 18 to get into clubs and drink.
3. I may be old, lol. While grooving to the tunes, we realized we were the only ones. I asked the bartender did he know this song.. he was like nope and the others behind him agreed. LAWD!]
4. I am anti-smoke! I thought I was going to die with the range of the 'scented air'.

No matter, we are still in exploratory mode and walk down a few alleys.. Amsterdam is the city of alleys and hidden places. We met someone and he signaled of sorts that we had on big long coats. Someone who had better english said we looked like we had on long sleeping bags! We could not help but to laugh!

Still on a mission.. we head to Club Smokey.

the only thing cool about this place was the toilet cover! 

And this..

I don't know what time it is, but at this point I quit and think it is fair for me to take a nap.

Ooooooooooo Amsterdam!

Until tomorrow! Whoo.

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